Been there a while? Must know what you’re doing…

August 26, 2009

Even in these turbulent times I’m surrounded at work by people who have been with my company for 10 years or more.  10 years!  And not just with the same business, but doing the same thing.  There are some stats that say I’ll probably have 4 different careers in that time.  It got me thinking though.  Do people who have been in the one job for so long really know it all with their job?

Well they must right?  How else would they still be around?  So as an entry level/new starter around these people how can you impress them?  How can you make your mark?

In my short experience, I’ve found a couple of ways.

Do the simple things well. At the beginning you’ll get all the boring/tedious/almost useless tasks to do.  They don’t want to do them, so you’re a perfect opportunity to unload.  Take advantage of this though with my next point.

Question it all. I’ve asked a few times “So, why do we actually do this?” and got back the reply “Well, we historically have.”  To me that’s not a good enough reason.

Technology. Ok, to use a stereotype, we’re normally better with new technology.  And somewhere along the line the area you work in will have some new fandangled machinery, or application or tool.  Become an expert in this and you’ll have the other workers at your professional mercy.


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