Technology Guru By Default

August 30, 2009

I’m Generation Y.  We’re the generation that understands technology.  We’re the generation that uses technology.  Are we?  Anyone else ever feel the pressure of being asked to provide a technological solution to something and having next to know idea where to start?  But then, somehow, we are able to deliver.

Well fear not, I’ve stumbled across a great picture at this blog.

tech_support_cheat_sheetThis cartoon perfectly describes how we as young professionals seem to be able to get those results.  But perhaps we shouldn’t be telling everyone about this.

Let’s take advantage of it.

Becoming the tech guru in your organisation is another source of professional advantage.  Besides the sometimes time consuming questions, there probably isn’t much wrong with being the ‘go-to’ person on these issues.

So as a young professional, if you’re not the default tech guru, follow this simple diagram and help out those poor, confused other colleagues.


One Response to “Technology Guru By Default”

  1. Lee said

    Haha, nice article and nice picture to go with it! Don’t let it leak out to the world though, my job as IT support might be in trouble!

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