Early Bird Gets The Worm or The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese

September 7, 2009

Ok, so which one is it?  First in best dressed?  First the worst, second the best?  Surely all these age old cliches have come from somewhere?

As usual, I’ll take some type of middle ground and mention how important context is.

  1. One of my earlier posts spoke about getting in and having a go.  If there is an opportunity to gain some early ground by being the first to move in on something, then being the first can’t be the worst, can it?
  2. Grabbing that idea and taking it all the way…then discovering that perhaps it wasn’t the best move.  Hindsight.  What a wonderful tool that you’ll never have until it’s too late.

So what do I think is best?  Personally I don’t mind option 1.  But as I mentioned earlier, it’s definately depending on context.  The important thing is to know the consequences.  Once you understand the possible outcomes, it’s a lot easier to make a more balanced decision.


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