Communication in the Workplace – In The Eye

November 29, 2009

Here is part two of my communication discussion.  I started off with some general points, but now I’d like to get into the nitty gritty of personal, face-to-face communication.

With a quick bit of research, there seems to be one trend that is discussed around the web regarding this topic.

1. Is social media destroying face-to-face communication?

No.  Next question please.

Seriously, do people out there really think that personal contact will be made completely redundant?  This seems like a lot of doomsday talk to me.  I imagine it was these same people that thought letters, then phone calls, then faxes and then emails would spell the end of society.

Face-to-face communication will always have a place in our society.

Some people may think I’m going out on a limb here, but I’ll stand by that comment.  I go back to my previous comment regarding the evolution of technology.  Addressing people in person has stood the test of time.  But why?

  • Body language. Depending who you ask, 70-95% of communication between people in a face-to-face situation uses body language.  It’s our way of reading into what people are possibly really thinking, or for someone to knowingly or unknowingly letting you know.  This impression is lost through other methods.
  • Instantanianty. (Is that a word?)  No method can give you as quick a reply as face-to-face.
  • Synergies. I suppose this is a fancy way of trying to sum up the energy that can be created with a personal meeting, something that as of yet just can’t be created through other mediums.

I’m not going to encourage everyone to step away from online media etc.  Use it.  But just remember that face-to-face can be superior and that shouldn’t be forgotten.


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