My boss asked me the other day – “Why do you use (insert name of instant messaging program) instead of email?”

It was 5pm on a Friday afternoon and I was knackered.  I bumbled out some reply about immediate answers and easy but I don’t think it worked.  They weren’t sold on the idea.  So I decided to put a bit of thought into it.

And after putting that thought into it, I realised that it’s going to be a massive task.  So over the next two weeks I’ll be putting together some short blogs on communication types in the workplace.

Instant Messaging

Let’s look at the main types.

  • Face to Face – In the presence of the other person.  Generally most productive.  Most time consuming.
  • Post – Send via either internal or external mail.  Physical documents moved.  Slow.
  • Phone – Talking directly to the person or people involved.  Immediate answers.  Other person must be there.
  • Email – Computer sent text and files to one or multiple targets.  Audit trail.  Not real time
  • Instant Messaging – Real time ’email’ text only communication.  Fast and efficient.  Distracting



Why the blog?

July 19, 2009

Introductions first.  I’m Anthony, working at a large bank in Sydney, Australia.  I’m a graduate and have been running around my building for about 18 months now.

So what pushed me towards putting this blog together?  Well as the tag line suggests, I’m made some mistakes but I’ve learnt from them and thought a lot of fellow young professionals out there would benefit from my experiences.  We all know that making errors and learning from them is a great way to move on, but I think it would help to know that you’re not the first to make them and yes, people have survived afterwards.

The second point of the blog is to keep you up to date what I’m currently working on, whether it’s projects that you could possibly implement in your career, meetings with senior management types that I’ve learnt some points from or some discussion on trends affecting young professionals and how we can best take advantage of our many assets.

So please let me know if there are any specific topics you’d like me to discuss.  Other than that, I look forward to sending your way some helpful blog posts.