The decision you make at the end of your university/college studies will ultimately decide your entire future.

Let’s go even earlier, the end of high school?  The end of earlier schooling?

When written like this to me, it does sounds pretty silly.  But why do I think this?  I suppose all along it’s always been about delaying what ‘you’ll be when you grow up’.  Choosing my subjects in high school, choosing my subjects at uni, choosing my internship, choosing my rotations within my graduate program.  All along it seems as though I’ve been putting it off.

Is it a generational thing?  Talking to a lot of my friends and colleagues who are about my age, they think the same things.  We don’t know what we want.  But we do know that we want it soon.  And we definately know what we don’t want.

I lot of information I read says follow you passion, do what you like, make your dreams.  I think this is a load of rubbish…if…you don’t know what these actually are.  There is only so far a list can take you.

I suppose all this is to do with an inability to make some long term plans.  This scares me and my generation.  We are the adaptable, changing and fluctuating generation.  Long term doesn’t figure into the equation.  I don’t know if this is a bad thing or not.

So I might have a go at drawing up some medium term goals.  Perhaps this is my short term fix to a long term problem.


It’s On A List

August 5, 2009

I use a To-Do list.  Unique.  Mind-blowing.  Earth-shattering.  Not.  My list is none of these things.  It’s a simple rolling list; if I don’t do something on that day it gets added to the next days list.  I get some sort of satisfaction by crossing things out.  My book is full of lists for each day, with each line scratched off.

Anyway, if you don’t use a To-Do list, a WIP (Work In Progress) or some variation you either should or you don’t have enough going on (in which case you should find something to do).  They are very

But the problem I find is that some things, the hard things, get rolled over day after day.  I have some tasks that the only progress I make with them is to write them down each day.  This is pretty hopeless.  I obviously need to do something about this.

So what I’ve decided is to write a tiny, tiny action plan next to each.  I’m not talking about the full SMART principle (if you’re interested in that, see this handy blog post).  More like a name, a verb, some key point.  Hopefully this will point me and keep me in the right direction.

Do you have any hints or tips?